Would We Guarantee Results in Your DUI Case?

Would We Guarantee Results in Your DUI Case?

“No” — and here is why.

It is unethical in the legal profession to guarantee results.

Notwithstanding ethics violations, we cannot guarantee that which we cannot control. Simple.

In order for a certain “result” to take place, numerous variables have to come together. No person has control over those variables. We know we cannot control the actions of the police, district attorney, judge, jury, client, witnesses, investigators, experts, etc., to reach a certain result. How can we possibly, in good conscience, guarantee that which is dependent on factors outside my control? We can’t control the results, but we can control the process.

We have control over the process in that we have choices along the way. We can choose to do A, B, C, etc., and help to bring about the desired results. We have faith that if we give our absolute best effort in everything we do, we give ourselves the best chance of obtaining the best results. So, the answer for us is not to guarantee the results as we have no control over them ... but to give the process our best as that is the only thing over which we have control.

The way we see it, we have a duty to ourselves to do the best that we can in everything we pursue. This approach provides our clients with the best chances to gain the desired results.

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